Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Intel Fireball

Hi Ya'll
While searching the internet the past week or 2 looking for some 911 conspiracy theories i came across a little device that was relevant to my search, called the "Intel Fireball"

How do fire fighters know when is it safe enough to enter a burning building? First of all they probably undergo rigorous training and courses that prepare them for such situations, but now thanks to Intel Research Labs, a new device has been created that will provide more accurate data to let fire fighters know when the building is safe for entry.
The Fireball will be thrown or rolled into a building where it will then gather information and determine the temperature, oxygen levels and various gases such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, nitrogen and other toxic gases. The data is wirelessly transmitted (via WiFi) to an Intel Atom powered server in the back of the fire truck or mobile phone.
This enables the firefighters to easily depict the situation in any given building or factory and take the correct measures on how to tackle the fire.
This seems like a great little simple device that will improve the safety of our brave firefighters, Thanks Intel



  1. Wow. Sounds cool, but expensive. I assume they wont be reusable. Or would they?

  2. Sounds very useful to firefighters! Technology is something!

  3. that looks amazing but expensive i cant afford this

  4. That's pretty awesome! Great tech for our firefighters.

  5. Finally something good out of Intel for a change.

  6. This is really cool.
    I love this kind of stuff.