Tuesday, 13 September 2011

LG Dual Play TV

Hello Again

Being a big gamer i often have the problem of having many friends over all trying to play dual screen games on my little LCD 32" TV, this doesn't really impact the game play but makes it difficult to see some obvious things that are a lot clearer on single player full screen mode.
Today i stumbled across this ingenious little TV from LG

It's called the "Dual Play" it works by making a single 3D display play x2 2D displays over the top of each other, 
Rather than sending different images to the left and right eyes of one player, it sends different images to the left and right players. 
Each player wear a set of 3D goggles, each set is fitted with either 2 left or 2 right lenses, this allows players to play the game in full screen but only in 2D.

Thanks for your time :) 


  1. Very innovative piece of technology, good to see the blog is coming along buddy keep it up.

  2. Excellent screen. Its a bummer when the screen divides when playing with a friend.