Thursday, 15 September 2011

Razor Courts Xbox 360 Arcade Stick

Good Afternoon Everyone
Being a big arcade gamer iv recently discovered that the Classic arcade style controls we all see at old school arcades has finally come to the Xbox 360.

Razer wants to introduce the Xbox 360 owners with an arcade stick that is to stand the test of time yet keep the original arcade style/design in mind.

Yet to be released there will be over 200 specially selected top Street Fighter gamers,  modders, and members of the arcade enthusiast community to trial the new arcade stick, if this passes the testing stages and rigorous thrashings that these pro-gamers put it through then there is no reason it will not be good enough for the avarage gamer.

Personally i will be investing in one of these once they are trialed and released, i love the old school feel to arcade games such as street fighter and tekken and one of my all time favorites Frogger. 


  1. that is pretty awesome. I also want one

  2. this is relevant to my interests

  3. wow! I think i want to buy one now ~.~
    Looks cool :D

  4. This is pretty cool! Where can you buy it?

  5. Dude, i want one, but first i need the console.