Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sovereign Yacht

Hi Guys, 
Im just going to jump straight into it as i can tell your interested by the below immediatly :P

This is a serious watercraft, The Grey Design Sovereign Yacht!!!!! 

With a wind turbine in the mast, and solar panels on the roof to power the lighting system, a retractable cover on the bow that can serve as a sun shade for the jacuzzi, Infinity pool with reinforced glass helipad in the center, and beach club on lower deck , Three MTU engines to hit speeds of up to 30-40 knots, and even an optional custom built in limo thats stored in the garage below.....

Let me just wipe the drool from the screen ;)
oh, and it's $135,000,000

Just thought it was too good not to post,
hope your all enjoying the updates


  1. $135,000,000
    Holy sh*t!

  2. WHAT THE F*** i never saw such an awesome yacht O_O followed ! want to see more :P

  3. that is ridic. Its like something Batman would have. +followed

  4. This is how Nautilus had to look like. Amazing boat:)

  5. this is crazy,
    how does somebody have the money for that!
    it and amazing piece of engineering though.