Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Dish Network Tailgater

Dont miss out on those early morning  games anymore because your partying it up in the parking lot or camping with your friends.

The Dish Network Tailgater is a 10pound portable TV Antenna that you can take nearly anywhere!
including camping trips, your backyard, friends pool party or just to your poor, cable-less cousins house. Enjoy it's HD Programming in a hurry thanks to it automatic satellite locating technology and month-to-month plans.
all it's Missing is a TV and power.

cool little idea for those who enjoying watching TV out and about.



Hey Everyone, 
Sorry it's been a while since my last post, been very busy 
but ill be sure to make a few post's every week from now on.


Sure, you dont have any real need for a bluetooth contolled robot, but that doesn't mean you wont want one.
Sphero is exactly that: a remote controlled ball that your control and command from your iOS or Android device.

It integrates with apps like Sphero golf,  it has built in LEDs to glow virtually any colour you can think of, and also happens to be the best cat/dog tormenting toy,
for $130 ill keep my eye out for this one.

Thanks guys :)