Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Dish Network Tailgater

Dont miss out on those early morning  games anymore because your partying it up in the parking lot or camping with your friends.

The Dish Network Tailgater is a 10pound portable TV Antenna that you can take nearly anywhere!
including camping trips, your backyard, friends pool party or just to your poor, cable-less cousins house. Enjoy it's HD Programming in a hurry thanks to it automatic satellite locating technology and month-to-month plans.
all it's Missing is a TV and power.

cool little idea for those who enjoying watching TV out and about.



Hey Everyone, 
Sorry it's been a while since my last post, been very busy 
but ill be sure to make a few post's every week from now on.


Sure, you dont have any real need for a bluetooth contolled robot, but that doesn't mean you wont want one.
Sphero is exactly that: a remote controlled ball that your control and command from your iOS or Android device.

It integrates with apps like Sphero golf,  it has built in LEDs to glow virtually any colour you can think of, and also happens to be the best cat/dog tormenting toy,
for $130 ill keep my eye out for this one.

Thanks guys :)

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sovereign Yacht

Hi Guys, 
Im just going to jump straight into it as i can tell your interested by the below immediatly :P

This is a serious watercraft, The Grey Design Sovereign Yacht!!!!! 

With a wind turbine in the mast, and solar panels on the roof to power the lighting system, a retractable cover on the bow that can serve as a sun shade for the jacuzzi, Infinity pool with reinforced glass helipad in the center, and beach club on lower deck , Three MTU engines to hit speeds of up to 30-40 knots, and even an optional custom built in limo thats stored in the garage below.....

Let me just wipe the drool from the screen ;)
oh, and it's $135,000,000

Just thought it was too good not to post,
hope your all enjoying the updates

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sony 3D head Mounted Display

Hi Everyone, hope your all well

Remember back in the 80's, when people said "In the Future we will enjoy our entertainment in 3d displays we wore on our head that look like sunglasses"

Que, The Sony 3d Head Mounted Display, The Twin HD Displays will immerse you in an amazing crisp 3d world with integrated virtual 5.1 surround sound for your ears. 

it cleverly connect via HDMI, this means it will connect to practically anything such as a PS3, Laptop, Home computer or Ipad so you can watch your favorite movies or use the computer in your own 3D World.

Prices for this is still TBA but ill be sure to let you know once i find out so be sure to come back :)

Hope your enjoying the updates and thanks for all the comments 


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Razor Courts Xbox 360 Arcade Stick

Good Afternoon Everyone
Being a big arcade gamer iv recently discovered that the Classic arcade style controls we all see at old school arcades has finally come to the Xbox 360.

Razer wants to introduce the Xbox 360 owners with an arcade stick that is to stand the test of time yet keep the original arcade style/design in mind.

Yet to be released there will be over 200 specially selected top Street Fighter gamers,  modders, and members of the arcade enthusiast community to trial the new arcade stick, if this passes the testing stages and rigorous thrashings that these pro-gamers put it through then there is no reason it will not be good enough for the avarage gamer.

Personally i will be investing in one of these once they are trialed and released, i love the old school feel to arcade games such as street fighter and tekken and one of my all time favorites Frogger. 

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Intel Fireball

Hi Ya'll
While searching the internet the past week or 2 looking for some 911 conspiracy theories i came across a little device that was relevant to my search, called the "Intel Fireball"

How do fire fighters know when is it safe enough to enter a burning building? First of all they probably undergo rigorous training and courses that prepare them for such situations, but now thanks to Intel Research Labs, a new device has been created that will provide more accurate data to let fire fighters know when the building is safe for entry.
The Fireball will be thrown or rolled into a building where it will then gather information and determine the temperature, oxygen levels and various gases such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, nitrogen and other toxic gases. The data is wirelessly transmitted (via WiFi) to an Intel Atom powered server in the back of the fire truck or mobile phone.
This enables the firefighters to easily depict the situation in any given building or factory and take the correct measures on how to tackle the fire.
This seems like a great little simple device that will improve the safety of our brave firefighters, Thanks Intel


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

LG Dual Play TV

Hello Again

Being a big gamer i often have the problem of having many friends over all trying to play dual screen games on my little LCD 32" TV, this doesn't really impact the game play but makes it difficult to see some obvious things that are a lot clearer on single player full screen mode.
Today i stumbled across this ingenious little TV from LG

It's called the "Dual Play" it works by making a single 3D display play x2 2D displays over the top of each other, 
Rather than sending different images to the left and right eyes of one player, it sends different images to the left and right players. 
Each player wear a set of 3D goggles, each set is fitted with either 2 left or 2 right lenses, this allows players to play the game in full screen but only in 2D.

Thanks for your time :)